The Snails

We ventured out to a local venue to see one of the weirdest bands known to man, The Snails–a Future Islands side project. We danced and laughed all night. Oh and I awkwardly talked to Samuel T Herring, but that’s a different story.

I have personally been a fan of Future Islands since high school. So naturally, I was super excited when the front man (Samuel T Herring) and the bassist (William Cashion) came out with a side project. I had yet to see them live until this weekend. And I have to say, I was not disappointed at all. If they ever roll through your town, be sure to go because this is one of my all time favorite shows.

The Snails have managed to present themselves with a humble¬†mixture of silliness and ridiculous talent. It’s awesome to see a band on stage that doesn’t take themselves all that seriously–especially one with amazing sound. The Snails have found the perfect balance.

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