Moogfest Must-See

Moogfest is coming to Durham on May 19-22nd! That is less than a month away, and I couldn’t be more stoked. I figured I would do a quick write up on my top 3 must-see acts for this year. I tend to be wordy with intros because there isn’t must say, so let’s cut to the chase….

Juliana Barwick, ladies and gentleman. If you have not have the privilege of listening to this beautiful lady’s music, I suggest you put everything down right now and listen to the album, Nepenthe. This album is etherial and emotive–compelling. It is both simple and complex, which is one of the most difficult, yet most coveted, dichotomies in music to achieve. Additionally, Juliana Barwick’s music parallels interestingly with her demeanor. It’s near impossible to describe because it is so unique and, in a way, I feel like a long diatribe would just insult the entire vibe. The best word I can come up with is pensive. The¬†body language, facial expression, lyrics, rawness–pensive.


Next up is Grimes, one of the headliners at Moogfest! In particular, I want to discuss the album entitled Visions. I will start off by saying this album makes me entirely uncomfortable. It’s dance-y, yet dark. Which is always awkward. You’re kind of dancing but at the same time you’re like “Am I supposed to be happy?” or “What should I do with my hands?” And then you just kind of stop dancing and you’re sucked into this strange train of thought still conflicted if you should proceed with dancing again. This album is multi-layeered, with almost a circular, surround sound feel to it. It’s pretty incredible when you have headphones in and you can feel sound coming from your left, right, in front, behind, beneath, and above you. This sensation elicits not only a mental response, but a strong physical response as well. My stomach kind of hurts, but I also want to spin around sort of feeling.


Lastly, is The Body. I would like to mention the album Christ¬†Redeemers, mainly for the title but also for it’s abrasiveness. I’m not going to lie, I really have no idea how to describe this band. All I can say is, I saw them at Hopscotch 2011 and walked out with my entire right calf covered in blood. No idea how that happened. Yes, I was sober. That show was just THAT hardcore. I wish I had a picture.


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