Eddie Watkins of Polvo, possibly the drummer I admire the most, deceased this week. In honor of his memory, I wanted to write about the album, Shapes (1997). This is by far my favorite Polvo album, followed by In Prism (2009).

Firstly, I love the way Shapes starts with Enemy Insects. The first sounds you will hear are bird-like chirping sounds and trees blowing in the wind. This lasts a few seconds, until it transitions into guitar ripping going back and fourth in intensity. To me, it’s such a great song to start the album with. It gives you a little taste of what the album is going to be like, without any spoiler alerts.

As for drums, my favorite track on this album is Everything in Flames! It’s so intricate, and even when I listen to it in my cube at the office, I can’t help but head bang. Watkins drums are less than subtle on this track, only something a band with an amazing drummer can pull off. I feel like usually, drummers are take-it-or-leave-it members of the band, who are easily replaced, and their sound is faded in the background. With a talent like Watkins’, this type of use of a drummer would be a epic waste.

Overall, Polvo is freakin awesome, a pure ledged out of the 90s from good ol’ Durham, NC! Go Listen to some Polvo this week to honor the ever loving memory of Eddie Watkins.


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