North Carolina Art

I am a very opinionated person, and I have to say I feel more strongly about local economy than anything. Supporting local artists, local food, etc. It’s business on a small scale that stimulates our economy and our minds in a nurturing way.

Essentially money–our economy–is important. This is because we have made currency as a means for survival. The more our economy suffers, the more we suffer. By supporting our local economies we have a better, more manageable understanding of money in/money out. So, we get why local is important from an economical standpoint. But why is it important from an intellectual stand point?

Supporting local economy, especially local art, allows us to build a culture within our respective communities. Though I said above that money is important, sometimes money can be so focused on, that we over look the details–the important details. We miss out on the joys of life. We work 9-5 tirelessly, only to get a paycheck at the end of the pay period and to *maybe* retire by 65. Imagine if we lived in communities where we supported each others passions and creative pursuits. People could spend their lives making a living off of what they enjoy doing. And yes, I do understand that is idealistic; but sometimes bold statements are the driving force behind getting a point across.

My point is. Support your local economy! The reasons are obvious. It won’t necessarily elicit utopia, but I will tell you it will foster community. I have gained so much from developing relationships with local farmers, local coffee shop owners, local bar owners, and local artists.

As a tribute to my support, below is a collection of my art made by local artists here in North Carolina. All females. Not for any particular reason. But go ladies! I will have their information included incase you want to check them out 🙂


Betsey Kendrick (Asheville, NC): Instagram @BetsyKendrickArts


Megan Corbally (Raleigh, NC): Instagram @MeganCorballyXX


Haley Nocik (Asheville, NC): Instagram @Nocik


Melissa Keeney (Raleigh, NC): Instagram @Keenstagram143


Alana (Raleigh, NC): Instagram @ItsStansWorld


Nocik (Asheville, NC): Instagram @Nocik

Can you tell that I like royal hues?

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