Reclaimed Fashion

We all know that the word “sustainability” is all the rage these days. In fact, this word is even being tossed around in the fashion industry more and more. Though you can shop at stores that use “sustainable” and recycled materials, the most responsible way to shop is in thrift stores and vintage stores. Not to say that ethically sourced stores are not an option. Just be mindful of your consumption.

Clothing used to be made with much more care than it is now. With fast fashion, trends go in and out before we can even bat an eye. Because of this, clothing is not made to last. This is an issue because we are facing all time records in the amount of clothing that sits in landfills. In fact, American’s alone are placing 10.5 million TONS of clothing in landfills every year! Not only that, but the fast fashion industry supports unethical treatment of other HUMAN BEINGS! Think about how models are treated. Think about child labor. Think about harsh chemicals in your clothing. Cheap clothing is made at the expense of the human conscience and the environment. To me, that is just sick. Not to mention, the fashion industry promotes a narrow and unattainable standard of beauty.

Check out this documentary for additional information:

Let’s all make a pledge to never shop at the mall again! If you must buy new clothing, buy locally made and sourced clothing. Below are some fun photos my boyfriend took of me so we could practice using the new studio lights I got. Additionally, I wanted to show that thrifted/vintage fashion can still look fun and cute!

Outfit 1: Shirt and pants–It’s Honey Vintage ( Instagram @itshoneyvintage, Shoes–my mom’s closet, Scarf–Sugar Magnolia (local store in Raleigh, NC) …sustainable and free trade clothing, not thrift or vintage

Outfit 2: Hat–Honey Pot Vintage in Asheville, NC ( Instagram @honeypot_vinatge, Tank–It’s Honey Vintage, Shorts–Sugar Magnolia, Cardigan–Goodwill



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