Festival for the Eno 2016

The 37th annual Festival for the Eno was held this past holiday weekend, on July 2nd and July 4th. The lineup featured 4 stages with 65 performers. Additionally, the festival hosts 85 craft vendors. This all ages event, takes place alongside the Eno River, inspiring both an environmental and cultural stimulation. In fact, proceeds from the festival are donated to benefit the Eno River Association. With about 17,000 attendees each year, this ‘small’ festival does pretty well for itself!

The best thing about this festival is that it’s planners pay a keen attention to the environment. In fact, it is noted as a certified “green” festival by NC Green Travel. The festival implemented a trash free program in 1992, which helps reduce waste and raise ecological awareness to festival attendees. This happened after the organizers noticed a huge pile of trash after the event, year after year. They thought, there has got to be a way to put on a festival in a more conscious and responsible manner.  The largest contributor of waste in events like this is food. Because of this, Festival for the Eno does not allow any food products that are not compostable. The festival has several trash free centers, which house three options: trash, recycle, and compost (pictured below). Here, volunteers educate attendees on how to properly dispose of their waste. For more information on the Trash Free program, check out the website HERE!


Performances were diverse, ranging from bluegrass to soul to alternative to brass bands, including class acts such as Curtis EllerNikki HillRainbow Kitten Surprise, and Boom Unit Brass Band. If you missed out this year, be sure to spend your next Fourth of July in Durham, NC at Festival for the Eno.

Special thanks to Jenkins Paisley and Zachary Silberman for capturing these beautiful photos at the event!

Day 1 (Photos by Zach):


Day 2 (Photos by Jenkins):

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