Laura Reed | LIVE @ The Pour House

Last night, Laura Reed hosted a Soul Shakedown Party at The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh, NC. The crowd was diverse in age, gender, and race. Believe it or not, most crowds in Raleigh consist of white people¬†aging from 18-35. It’s one thing for an artist to touch a specific demographic, but it’s a completely different thing for an artist to be able to communicate with just about anyone. This likely comes from Laura Reed’s evidently compassionate soul. The way she moves, talks, and writes music comes from an empathetic place; which is so refreshing when seeing white males whining about their personal problems dominating the music industry. We not only need more women, we need women like Laura Reed leading the stage. She commands this presence that is empowering to every woman in the room.

Maybe you’re skeptical of the way artists act on stage. They are performers, so they could be acting, after all. Not so. Laura Reed puts her money where her mouth is. Much of her musical talent has been furthered to charity. For example, Laura’s music was used at Duke’s Children Hospital in art classes for kids¬†recovering from chemo therapy. Additionally, she involved herself in the “Music Saved my Life Program” at Woodland Hills Youth Prison in Nashville, TN. Here, Nashville songwriters came together to build an in-prison studio, give guitar lessons, and hold song writing workshops. Let’s recap: her music is touching ALL AGES, even ages that aren’t allowed in venues! Talk about diverse!

In response to recent atrocities, Laura Reed encourages us all to stop the hate and spread the love. She dropped a new tune last night called “Don’t Shoot” (watch it below). The energy in this video speaks for itself.

If you haven’t had the privilege of listening to Laura Reeds powerful music: check out her Soundcloud!


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