Festival Fashion

(Photo by RDP3 Photography)

Call me lame, but one of my favorite things about music festivals is the fashion. What’s great is that anything goes. You can wear a holographic jumpsuit, Canadian tuxedo, Pokemon costume, hot dog hat, just a t-shirt and some shorts–anything you want, really! In the anticipation of any event, I get excited to lay my outfits out. Now, I’m not the type of person that take a #ootd pic everyday at festivals, but I do have a few pictures from over the years of myself and some friends sporting different styles. Depending on the festival, my style will range from casual to crazy.

Festivals are creative masterpieces in so many forms–the music, the sculptures, the planning, the food… I even consider fashion to be an art form at these events. It’s always fun to see what people come up with! I’ve noticed that depending on the festival, people dress differently. If it’s a city fest or a camping fest, if it’s one genre or multiple generes, it all depends. Because of this, Steep In is starting a new series on festival fashion. At every festival we go to we want to showcase YOU, your personal creativity and self expression. Remember, dress to impress.

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