Beer & Banjos | Tuesday nights @ The Raleigh Times

Beer and Banjos is a FREE event put on by Younger Brother Productions every Tuesday from 7:30-10:30PM at The Raleigh Times. At this weekly event, you can find many forms of acoustic music, including bluegrass, traditional country, folk, and Americana; featuring both local and regional artists. As an added bonus, The Raleigh Times always has a great selection of beer on tap; from PBR to snooty $15 IPAs. There’s truly something for everyone. Beer & Banjos has a very relaxed environment. After all, it is held on a Tuesday. There’s no pressure to dance, get “lit,” or pull a late night out. The event happens at an early hour where most patrons are casually enjoying a beer and a hot meal, while simultaneously enjoying the relaxing music

This week, featured Accidental Seabirds and Hank & Brendan. Hank & Brendan played first. They were a charming duo, playing songs about the funny incidences in life when being young–like what a drunken fiasco last night was. Gotta love America culture. Their bits between songs always had me giggling, as they provided vague ramblings about what the next song is about. Accidental Seabirds, a duo from New Jersey, played next. The two had one of the most beautiful harmonies I have ever heard. There were times it sounded like four people were singing, even though it was definitely only two.  In between just about every song, one of them would mention “this song is also called untitled.” The way they didn’t seem to take themselves so seriously made their music more relatable, even with their perfect harmonies.

Come out to Beer & Banjos next week, if you get the chance. And if you don’t, there’s always next week!



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