Groove in the Garden Preview

(Photo from Groove in the Garden Facebook page)

Date: August 13, 2016

Time: 2pm-9pm (Doors: 1PM)

What I like about an outdoor music festival is that the frenetic energy has room to breathe. When there’s expensive equipment, dingy lighting and a sickly clan of personal space invaders crammed between four walls, I feel like I’ve accidentally walked into a Saw trap or a Foxconn subsidiary. Thankfully, Groove in the Garden plucks you from the standard concert experience and gently places you in Raleigh’s own Rose Garden.


Sixty beds littered with 56 varieties of roses is a welcome alternative to the lakes of puke, party fouls and aluminum cans. Adjacent to the garden is the Stephenson Amphitheater, an outdoor community theatre that puts on almost a dozen stage productions annually. It’s a scenic location that adds a colorful tinge to the festival experience.


Craig Reed of Younger Brother Productions declared that music is the main attraction amongst many other activities in his interview with Emma Witman of visitRaleigh. As per the festival’s Facebook page, the lineup will feature:


Hammer No More The Fingers
Matthew E. White
Holy Ghost Tent Revival
Skylar Gudasz
The Fabulous Knobs
Some Army

Debonzo Brothers
Matt Phillips
Ellis Dyson
Andrew Kasab

An emphasis on local is integral to Groove’s vision. This year’s lineup boasts an impressive selection with many hailing from the Triangle area. They tap into an eclectic mix of genres including indie rock, folk gospel, classic rock, hip-hop and an assortment of other wicked combinations. In particular, The Fabulous Knobs have been kickin’ it around the Triangle as early as the late 70’s-early 80’s, and were pegged as Raleigh’s own version of the Rolling Stones.

Festival Activities

While your favorite restaurants can’t install wheels and rip it down the roads, several food trucks will be on site to shovel caloric delight into your empty stomach. To keep with the local theme, these eats on wheels have likely shared the road with you at some point. The outstanding food will keep you fueled to soak strangers in a dunk tank, continue your Pokénerd adventures in the Garden’s Pokémon Go gym and survey the dozens of quality vendors on site. For those who only like people in short bursts, you’ll be happy to know that Groove in the Garden is a dog-friendly event.


If your wallet’s got a bit of a dry cough, Groove won’t put much weight on its chest. Assuming you have life figured out, tickets in advance will only ding you $15. The more sporadic decision-maker will be admitted for $20. Digging for loose change in your couch or working an extra 2 hours is a small price to pay for an abundance of rosy fun. Check the Pour House’s link for the event, dart your eyes to the immediate right and you can purchase tickets there.


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