New Orleans

Does it make me basic that during this entire trip I had this song stuck in my head?

That’s a rhetorical question, meaning you shouldn’t answer in the comments because I would like to remain in denial of my basic-ness. Anyway, Sayer and I spent the weekend in New Orleans. There were many firsts First time in New Orleans

  1. First time being in a city with 24-hour bars
  2. First time staying at an AirBnB

I must say, after our experience with AirBnB, I think this will be our main point of lodging from here on out. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also much more homey and cozy than even the most luxurious hotel. Our AirBnB was located in the Irish Channel. The home had to have been at least a century old, but it had such beautiful character. The best part about this home was the adorable dog, DeBo. Special bonus points to this neighborhood because it was plentiful in stray cats and bars.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 7.23.45 PM.png

Sayer and I walked around most of the city. I was pretty impressed with our dedication to frugality; we didn’t call a single Uber. Here’s a screen shot to prove just how much we walked each day:


We woke up on Saturday morning to see New Orleans in the daylight for the first time. First, we headed to what turned out to be our favorite street, Magazine Street.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 8.18.29 PM

For breakfast and our caffeine fix, we headed to DeVille Coffee House & Creperie. I would recommend this place for the great selection in lose leaf tea and the delicious creps.


The shopping on Magazine Street is, in my opinion, the best New Orleans has to offer. The French Quarter also has a lot of shopping, but I found that area to be crowded and overwhelming. My favorite shops were Miette, Gogo Jewelry, and NoLa Mixed Records.

There’s more to life than buying shit you don’t need, so after shopping we headed to the arts district. Just in case we wanted to buy something, we couldn’t afford it anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 8.15.14 PM.png

We stopped into the Ogden Museum of Art, decorated in southeastern art. This museum had everything from Graffiti to paintings of our founding fathers. I was especially amused with the pottery in this museum.

The arts district was calm and enjoyable, but we thought we needed a change of pace. We were in New Orleans, after all. So, we decided to head to the French Quarter, where all the crowds, music, and partying happens. Maybe Sayer and I are just a couple of grumpy bums, but we didn’t like the French Quarter all that much. I would only recommend it if you’re trying to get sloshed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.00.33 PM.png

Since we didn’t like the noise, we headed to the warehouse district. As with most warehouse districts, this place was barren but had a lot of character. I’m always in love with the geometry and utility of this part of a city.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.49.20 PM.png

Naturally, after making a circle around the entirety of the city, we ended up right back on Magazine Street. Conveniently, this street was super close to our Air B&B. We were very hungry and thirsty, so we stopped in Honeydeux, where we got some smoothies and cookies (balanced, I know).


After all that walking, we a nap; but as soon as we woke up, we decided to try Nile, a delicious Ethiopian restaurant on Magazine Street. Let me be clear: If I recommend that you do anything in NoLa, go to this restaurant. Just look at Sayer. Is he selling it or what?


You were probably wondering why I hadn’t mentioned alcohol. Don’t worry, we didn’t spend the entirety of our NoLa experience dry. For awesome Belgium beer, you should check out The Avenue Pub. I wouldn’t normally post a mirror selfie without being incredibly embarrassed, but I thought this wall art was too good to pass up.

We liked Honeydeux, that we headed back in the morning for some hydration. Side note: Sayer read a cookbook while we drank our smoothies, and decided he has a serious problem with how lobster is cooked.


Our Air B&B checkout time was at NOON, but our flight wasn’t until 7PM so we had to find something to do. Lucky for us, there was a bouldering gym just a half mile away. NOBL has some pretty rad boulders, but I have to say rental shoes freakin’ suck. On the bright side, having terrible feet really makes every problem a core intensive work out, which I could use more of these days. Given that there is no outdoor bouldering in the area, if you like to climb I would check this gym out. Just bring your own shoes! I concluded that I am going to bring my climbing shoes on every trip I go on from now on…just in case.


We weren’t rock stars at the gym, so we needed to stress eat immediately after. Charcoal Gourmet Burger is an absolute must if you find yourself in NoLa. The burgers are not so run-of-the-mill. You’ve got Bison, Antelope, Elk, and Venison, for example. And I have to say, the Veggie Burger was on point! Not to mention, the milkshakes are delectable. Sayer got a Banana Foster’s and I got a Root Beer Float (I’m kind of boring).

See you on the flip side, NoLa!






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