The Foxies “Oblivion” EP

Photo by Noemi Possible

The Foxies of Phoenix, Arizona released their EP today! It is available on iTunes for only $5.99. Band members Julia Lauren, Mark Eckert, Matt Mcconomy, Will Schoonmaker, and Lukas Radkey joined together for their first show not even a year ago on December 19, 2015. And I must say, they have worked so hard to get where they are today!

I have been a fan of Julia’s music since early high school when she was in a group called Lyra Shines in Charlotte, NC. Of course, that band was only her high school band; but I knew from the minute I listened to my first Lyra Shines song that Julia was going to be a star. Her voice is unique and commands an attention that turns heads. It’s empowering to see a strong woman lead a band with such strong conviction in pursuit of her dream.

The EP “Oblivion” screams girl power! Julia’s lyrics are fun and flirtatious, pairing well with the sexy melodies. Disco, the first song of the EP immediately sets the tone that ‘she’s the boss.’ It’s a sneaky and mischievous sounding song. Makes me feel like I want to break a boy’s heart.

Track 2, Floods, is “tongue in cheek,” according to lead singer Julia. Take that as you will. Maybe their debut music video will help you figure it out 😉

Right in the middle of the EP, we have Box Wine. This song definitely changes the pace of the EP. Unlike the first two songs, it is slow and remorseful. The melody feels hazy and reminiscent, pairing with Julia’s passionately slurred vocals. The first two songs feel sassy and confident, while Box Wine reminds us that in love we all find our soft spot and that no one is above becoming love sick.

Track 4 kicks it up a notch, opening up with a synth-y beat and bouncy vocals. Julia mentions that Our Blood is Fire is about a “Romeo and Juliet kind of love,” sans the toxicity. It’s a love with passion, one where you just can’t seem to help yourself no matter how wrong or right it feels.

Wander in Lust kicks off track 5. This song references many of Julia’s experiences while living in Brooklyn. She says that “it’s about falling in love with being lost” because she constantly felt lost in Brooklyn, in a good way. Being in a new place has it’s ups and downs, but that is the true beauty of change.

The last track of the EP, Oblivion, tones the mood. It’s like Julia is leveling with her listeners, singing about a time of reflection. She also wrote this song in Brooklyn. She notes that she was so”caught up in the hype of living in a place” that wasn’t home, that she began to lose herself. It’s a sad song, but there’s hope in finding yourself even after completely forgetting who you are and what your purpose is.

I love this EP for it’s rawness. It really shows many sides of Julia: she’s confident and sexy, yet passionate and reflective. She’s reminding us that we are all made of layers with different sides. It’s okay to feel so many different things at once.

Be sure to get this EP on iTunes now!!





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