Young Man | Well$ & Sylvan Esso Collab

Sylvan Esso and Well$ collaborated on track Young Man, released four days ago. I’ve had a chance to listen to this song on repeat a few times since then. Nick Sanborn, also known as Made of Oak, of Sylvan Esso has collaborated will Well$ previously. In fact, the picture above is Made of Oak, shortly before Well$ made a surprise appearance on stage.

We’re starting to see the intermingling of genres through the collaboration of artists. In my observations, white people dominate the Electro Pop┬áscene, while black people dominate the Rap & Hip Hop sense. To congeal the genres is to amalgamate different demographic groups. This is the largest reason I am a huge advocate for music, especially musc events. It brings people together.

I asked Sayer how the track made him feel. He described the vocals as “brooding and menacing,” contrasting with Amelia’s ethereal lyrics. Nick put the collaboration together with a “resonant beat.” Sayer said that “this is the kind of bass that you feel in your whole body in a live set; the kind that gives you chills down your spine.” I use his words because he described this song way better than I ever would.

Check out the song for yourself. What do you think?

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