Angel Olsen Releases Another Single | Sister (Video & Song)

(Still from ‘Sister’ Official Video)

We are all patiently awaiting the release of Angel Olsen’s new album, ‘MY WOMAN,’ dropping Sept 2nd. We’ve been lucky enough to hear three songs from the album: ‘Intern,’ ‘Shut Up Kiss Me,’ and now ‘Sister.’

There’s something to be said for the 8 minute and 41 second duration of “Sister.” To keep anyone’s auditory and visual attention that long on the Internet has proven to be quite difficult. Angel Olsen pulls it off.

The progression of the song seems to be the main attention grabber. The slow intro, leading into soft vocals. As the song builds, the instruments become more full and complex, juxtaposed with climbing passion in Angel’s voice. Yet, there’s a back and fourth element. It builds, pulls back, builds more, pulls back again. A confusion of emotions, reminiscent of the desperation we feel with loss.

The poetic lyrics almost remind me of a slow song that would play at an 1980s middle school dance. Awkward preteens looking for someone to slow dance, rubbing against each other, oblivious of the art seeping into their ears. That was probably a lame comment I didn’t need to add, but I really feel it.

Directors: Angel Olsen & Conor Hagen
Producer: Anthony Restivo
Edited & Colored by: Jethro Waters
Director of Photography: Conor Hagen
Camera Operator/AC: Phil Spinner
Stylist: Sofia Karchi
Stylist: Maya Marin

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