Wandering Through The Wilds

If you’ve taken a look at my Steep In bio you will know that the two loves of my life are the outdoors and the arts.  I get my energy from nature, wandering through it and soaking in all it has to teach me.  One of my favorite ways to experience the wilds over the past few years is through rock climbing.   I recently went on a trip to Yosemite National Park to test myself against the granite walls of the Valley and the alpine domes of Tuolumne.  Even as one of the most popular parks in the country, Yosemite is still home to some of the most profound adventures in the vertical world.  From climbing and descending 1600 feet of rock in a day to pulling over roofs and climbing 30 some feet above my last piece of protection, Yosemite pushed my mind and body in the way only nature can.

My favorite music tends to give me a similar sense of adventure and wonder at the beauty of this world.  The playlist I have put together is an amalgamation of songs that remind me of getting out and exploring and a few of the songs that Spotify introduced me to on my trip to Yosemite. These songs will always remind me of my time there.

The pictures are from the last day of my trip In Yosemite, with my friend Daniel.  Even though we were both dead tired from our previous climbs, Daniel managed to convince me to do one more 1000 foot climb.  The thought of the accomplishment of summiting this peak and the views I knew were waiting for me at the top were too much for me to pass up.  That day we scrambled up the first 900 feet of this mountain and then roped up for 100 feet of some of the most exposed and exhilarating climbing I have ever experienced to gain the summit of Eichorn’s Pinnacle.  After soaking in the beauty of all Tuolumne had to offer, we headed down and started on our way home.The end of our trip was spent winding our way through the park, listening to these songs, high on adventure and the celebratory PBR we had waiting for us at the car.



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