(the) Melvins | LIVE @ The Cat’s Cradle

1980s Rock N’ Roll wasn’t just cheesy hair bands. (the) Melvins, a band that formed in 1983, and has put out 27 albums since, are a timeless representation of the part of the 80s that paved the way for many musicians today. I’m trying to say that (the) Melvins are truly legendary, a must see.

I’ve lived in the triangle for about 5 years now and I’ve seen (the) Melvins come through a handful of times. For some reason, I’ve always been busy doing something else. But September 1st was my chance. I’ve been waiting to see this band for almost a decade, since I was an angsty teen and my parents didn’t allow me to go to concerts. This show was a real treat! The best part of the experience was that you can tell these band members know how to have a good time on stage. Even metal doesn’t have to be taken seriously. Bassist Steven Mcdonald’s moves were especially cracking me up. Just look at that tongue. Not sure if I was more impressed with this seemingly freakish part or his body, his dance moves, or the way he shredded that bass.


Drummer Dale Crover of course didn’t leave home without his trusty Sylvester stuffed toy to stick on his drum set! I don’t know how long he’s been doing this, but it’s almost as iconic an image for (the) Melvins as Buzz Osborne’s hair.

Buzz was decked out in a third-eye-ish costume. I’m not positive if he was trying to be funny, but I found it quite hilarious being that they are a sludge metal/experimental rock kind of band. The costume almost seemed better suited for a pseudo-hippie/spiritual indie pop group, but who am I to judge? I think it was glamorous either way. Not to mention, it fit him like a glove.


(the) Melvins ended their show with a classic cover of “Take me out to the Ball Game.” They brought out the opening band, Helms Alee, to really fill out the sound. I couldn’t make out which teams were being rooted for, but I heard the Dodgers in there, so fuck yeah Melvins for reppin’ LA!


Aside: Either my hearing has gone really poor on account of NEVER wearing ear plus to concerts, or this sludge metal show was honestly pretty quiet. I could hear the shutter of my camera. I appreciate the courtesy of the sound guy at The Cat’s Cradle.

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