Blacksage | ‘Shivers’ 9/30/2016

Baltimore based duo, Blacksage, will drop their second full length album, ‘Shivers,’ in just a few days–Sept 30th. The album will be available via Friends Records on cassette, CD, and vinyl.

Josephine Olivia & Drew Scott work together to make a sound that’s temping, sexy, and dark. Josephine’s vocals add an element of intimacy and vulnerability, while Drew’s beats compliment lyrics on real life experience of love, lust, and addiction that inspires their music. I would almost describe seeing this duo live as haunting or hypnotizing. The vocals shift the voices in our head to the audible, while the beats mimic our deepest, darkest emotions. It’s incredibly relatable and so you find yourself dancing and wondering why some of the most bleak moments of your life are also the most sexy.

What I’m trying to say is you should buy this album. It’s the dopest thing I’ve heard in a while!

Preorder it HERE! Side note: There are only 100 copies of the glow-in-the-dark vinyl, so jump on that shit. I just ordered mine….

Here are some pictures from the album release show (Ottobar 9/23) incase your lame ass missed it!




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