Sound on Sound Festival Preview

Dates: November 4th-6th

Location: Sherwood Forrest in McDade, TX

2016 marks the debut year for Sound on Sound Fest, previously known as Fun Fun Fun Fest. And because it is the first year, tickets are super affordable, at $169 for general admission. Don’t let the low prices fool you, this line up is STACKED! With over 75 acts and 4 stages, this brand new festival is not worth missing. If you want to get a better feel on the sound of this fest, check out their official Spotify playlist HERE!




Who says families don’t love music festivals too? Sound on Sound Fest will feature a “Kid’s Kingdom” equipped with live music, fake tats, arts & crafts, tea parties, and more.



This is a camping festival, however you have the option of staying in a hotel in Austin, TX and taking the festival shuttle out everyday.


You can buy tickets HERE for as low as $169 and an addition $75 for camping.



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