Sound on Sound Fest Recap 2016

Sound on Sound felt “more like a European Festival than an American festival,” noted Jonathan Snipes (Clipping). Maybe it was the forest, maybe it was the Renaissance Fair Grounds, maybe it was the incredible lineup, maybe it was all the costumes. Whatever it was, SOS Fest surely turned out to be a memorably intimate and unique production.

The festival kicked off the party on Friday with a bang. With acts like Clipping, Empress of, Death Grips, Run the Jewels, and Phantogram, we were afraid they wouldn’t be able to top the energy on Saturday and Sunday.

The only minor hiccup on Friday was the sound going out during the Run the Jewels set. The festival and the artists recovered seamlessly from the embarrassment. Killer Mike diverted the attention to a crowd member, telling him to put away his selfie stick, “not because it’s dangerous, but because fuck you.”


(Photo 1-3 by Roger Ho, Photo 4-7 by Missy Malouff)

Just when we thought it couldn’t get anymore magical, Day 2 blew our minds. The first act we saw was Anya, a female rapper we hadn’t previously listened to. Her sassy energy coupled with her feminine flow blew our minds.

Later that night we posted up for Deer Hunter. They were an hour late for their set because front man Bradford couldn’t shake the imperfect sound. It was totally worth the wait.

The festival grounds needed a pick me up before Beach House, luckily Big Boi followed with an extremely energetic and booty poppin’ set.

At the tail end of his set, we ran back to the Forest Stage to catch up and coming, Jagwar Ma–a psychedelic dance band hailing from Australia. This set was extremely sexy.

Beach House took the main stage shortly after, bringing us back to the reality of experiencing lows even in the highest of times with a dark and tear-jerking set.

Aesop Rock followed at the Forrest Stage. It was interesting.

To close off the big night, Purity Ring headlined the main stage. The set production was beautiful, but the performance felt a little uninspired. However, Megan James (lead singer) noted that this would be their last set after playing on this album for over a year.



(All photos above by Missy Malouff)

Sunday was rough. Not long after the festival grounds opened, it began to pour. The festival was almost immediately evacuated until further notice. Festival goers were not happy, as the shuttle service had essentially shut down, leaving some stranded.

The festival resumed around 7PM as normally scheduled. The only difference in schedule turned out that Explosions in the Sky would no longer be headlining. Young Thug was experiencing flight troubles and would be so late that he’s have to be the last set of the night.

Despite the bad weather and the evacuation, SOS Fest managed to pull together a wonderful Sunday Evening. We believe everyone’s favorite set of the night was StrFkr, equipped with swan inflatables and crowd surfing astronauts.


(All photos above by Missy Malouff)

Overall, we’d highly recommend SOS Fest! We’ll see you there next year. Stay tuned for a post on SOS Fest Fashion. These festival trends were notable, to say the least.

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