Wet & Demo Taped | LIVE @ The Cat’s Cradle 11/16/2016

I ventured out to the Cat’s Cradle last night to see America’s latest heart throb, Demo Taped. You may know him for his hit single, Game on, featured on Spotify Weekly. He’s a charismatic 18 year old, touring the United States with the well-known band, Wet. I can’t say this often, but I went to this show for the opener. I was first introduced to Demo Taped when I interviewed him before his set at Moogfest 2016. This would be his first festival and he did not disappoint. The venue was packed for him and everyone was dancing. He certainly had the same effect last night, even it being a Wednesday night.

Prior to this show, I had’t listened to much Wet. Sometimes it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised by a band. The vocals were Angelic and the light show was beautiful and tasteful, a difficult combo to achieve. I certainly find most light shows to be over-stimulating.

I would hit up both of these bands on Spotify, when you get the chance. Meanwhile, here’s a photo gallery.


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