Day for Night Fest 2016

The backdrop of the Houston skyline, made Day for Night especially magical. The attendees danced alive with energy flowing through. Light installations glittered the inside of the abandoned post office, where the festival took place. A mile long line wrapped around the perimeters of the building in anticipation of Bjork’s very much awaited digital instillation. To say Day for Night was an absolute production would be an understatement. It was more than a production. It was the bridge between art and curation–a collaboration that the 21st century thirsts for.


Day for Night Fest dropped the dopest lineup of the year on our heads. Not only were the headliners (Bjork, Aphex Twin, Odesza, Kaskade, Run the Jewels, The Jesus and the Mary Chain, Kamasi Washington, Little Drago, etc) top notch selections, but those not yet discovered acts were a pleasant surprise. Being the editor of a small blog, I try to focus my attention on smaller acts at festivals. Most of my time at Day for Night Fest was spent at the smallest stage, the Yellow Stage. Here festival-attendees witnessed a range of acts–disturbing punk, underground hip-hop, and genre-less experimental.

If you’re into really disgusting, perverted punk music, check out Daughters. I know that sounds abrasive, but that’s intended so that the weak either stray away or come prepared. This band is not for the feeble-minded.


I discovered Fat Tony at Hopscotch 2013, and when I saw him on the Day for Night 2016 lineup I was stoked to see him again. His energy is unmatched.


For you ambient folks, I would highly recommend checking out Mary Lattimore/Jeff Zeigler Duo. I’ve never seen the pairing of a harp and synth-y beats. Catch more of this Philly-based duo on Thrill Jockey Records.


The most alarming set I saw at Day for Night Fest was certainly Maramuresh. I only figured this band is improvisational, googled it and verified that it indeed is. I’d attempt to explain the music further but the whole thing was just a hodge-podge of noises and incoherently babbled lyrics. I don’t want to be completely off base, but it felt like it represented the mishmash of chatter we often hear in our own brains through the day–though I don’t think it was even that intentional.


Overall I’d highly recommend this festival: for the art, the lineup, the curation, the scenery, and for the good times. For more day for night pictures, check out our Facebook Page. Fashionistas, stay tuned for a post on Day for Night festival fashion!!

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