Ancora Releases Debut EP & Video

Ancora (Raleigh, NC) released his debut EP, Potpourri, last week and it’s worth the listen, trust! It’s funky, electronic, and a little experimental in sound. Marc, the man behind the project, describes “this EP [as] a way for [him] to focus on creating well written songs instead of just hopping from one random project to another, which wasn’t helping [his] development as a producer. [He] wants to continue to release [his] own music as an artist, but also develop [his] skills as a producer so [he] can work with artists and help realize the full potential of their own songs.”

I’m loving this EP for it’s fullness in sound and it’s extraterrestrial vibes. The tracks inspire a feeling of synesthesia in their kaleidoscopic sound. Expect to see more of him in the future and stay tuned for a tour announcement this spring! Meanwhile, check out his debut music video below:

Check out more of Ancora:

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