Moogfest 2017 Recap

Preceding Moogfest 2017, we heard a lot of whispering that the lineup seemed less than enthusing. With 2016 headliners like Grimes, Odesza, GZA, Explosions in the Sky, Gary Numan, and Blood Orange, Moogfest 2017 had a reputation to live up to. At first glance, we can all agree that the lineup didn’t seem nearly as stacked, but look a little deeper and this lineup had a completely different agenda that was intentionally more curated toward a movement that focuses on the future of music– and not just the way we listen to music, create music, and absorb music. Moogfest took it a step further this year, with a purposeful lineup equipped with more POC and women than Steep In has ever seen in a festival lineup. Moogfest 2017 was pure art, soul, and imagination–with every single artist bringing out a new way of expressing. This weekend illustrated the utter importance of music with purpose, music with movement, and music with a reach beyond the stars. We were proud to be there and hope to see you next year! Check out some of the amazing acts we saw below(Photos  by Julia Conlon & Missy Malouff):


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