Jenny Besetzt // Natural Velvet // Konvoi at Ruby Deluxe Recap

Sunday night Ruby Deluxe put on a post punk show featuring two local bands and a third band, Natural Velvet, on an album release tour from Baltimore.  If you missed the show don’t worry, these bands are three more reasons to get excited for Hopscotch this September, as they all have been booked.  Jenny Besetzt, all the way from Chapel Hill, closed out the night.  Their sound is both fluid and layered, with songs you can easily get lost in. Their drummer, Thomas McNeely, keeps up an impressive cadence that manages to stay balanced with the calm flow of the melodies.  Konvoi the second NC band, coming down the mountains from Asheville, opened up the night with a high energy.  In the middle we heard Natural Velvet on tour for the release of there new album Mirror to Make You. Corynne Ostermann, the band’s front woman, and her vocal range gave them a unique sound.  Since the show I came across a music video Natural Velvet put out entitled Its All Mine.  The production of their videos stood out to me and I enjoyed them enough that I figured I should post a link. I hope you enjoy it along with a few photos I took of the night.

It’s All Mine- Music Video

Featured Image –  Sean Bos of Konvoi

Jay Saltonon of Konvoi
Corynne Ostermann of Natural Velvet
Spike Arreaga of Natural Velvet
Nathan Price of Jenny Besetzt
Sarah Bell of Jenny Besetzt

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