LBLB with Travers Brothership

The Travers Brothership,  Nick and the Babes, The Dapper Conspiracy played Local Band Local Beer this week.  If you’re unfamiliar with LBLB it’s an event put on each week, by 88.1 WKNC and Younger Brother Production at The Pourhouse, on Thursday.  This weeks LBLB was up there with the best I’ve been to.  The Travers Brothership, who I got to see for the first time at Shakori Hills this past spring, made the evening with their funk n’ soul rock n’ roll.  The 7 peice band from Asheville was whittled down to only four for this show, but that didn’t stop them from putting on a killer show.  What struck me most about the band was how clean and percise each individual part was.  Every note and beat was in the right place without sacrificing that sexy smooth funk vibe.  I actualy hadn’t planned on shooting that night, but got so excited during the show I had to bike home and grab my camera. The band hit us with several killer solos. Kyle Travers at one point crushed a solo out with one hand that blew me away, while other times he was shredding without a pick.   Then Josh Clark gave us a lesson in funk slapping out some fat bass solos.  He even stole the show for a song with some of the best soul vocals I’ve heard in the song “Hold My Name.”  Seriously check it out on Spotify and then go hear him sing it sometime. 

Kyle Travers one hand solo
Josh Clark
Eric Travers

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