#DARETODISSENT a New ACLU Mural in Downtown Raleigh

Last night at 6 pm Dare Coulter and the ACLU of North Carolina unveiled the New Mural entitled #DARETODISSENT.  The Mural is a collection of iconic images from protests throughout recent history.  The scenes depicted include images of the 1968 Olympics and even Woke Baby from the recent Women’s March.  When the ALCU in conjunction with the Raleigh Murals Project approached Dare about the idea for a mural in downtown Raleigh, she suggested a protester’s rights theme.  In the current political climate, Dare feels the importance of our constitutional right to protest the government, and wanted to share that with Raleigh through her art.  The ACLU was on board and they got the ball rolling.

I have known Dare for several years now, we had classes together back at NCSU. I have always loved her art and have been eagerly waiting for her to land a Mural in downtown Raleigh.  I’m super proud of her for her work on this Mural.  She has worked long nights and hard days with no shade in the baking North Carolina sun to finish this painting in 10 days.  Her hard work paid off and now Raleigh has a beautiful 30 foot by 20 foot protest piece smack in the middle of Downtown.  If you want to go by and see it for yourself, it is on the back of the abandoned Boylan-Pearce building on South Salisbury Street, between Hargett and Martin.  Feel free to join the protest and promote the mural by taking a picture under the #DARETODISSENT tag and sharing it on social media.

Check out more of Dare’s art at http://darecoulter.com/


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