So, I want to take a few minutes to talk about my friend Zen Stewart, she’s so fly!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with her yet she is a hip hop artist out of Raleigh NC. Over the last few months I’ve gotten to tag along and take some photos of all the things Zen is a part of these days. I lucked into this experience because my roommate, Max Lewis, produced most of her latest EP Sunflowers and has been performing with her. Over this time she has performed more shows than I can keep track of, dropped a single, Getting Started, complete with a new video (produced by Torch House Media), come out with the aforementioned EP, performed at The Red Hat Amphitheater for Hopscotch, and won the Best Hip Hop Female Carolina Music Award.

Its been great to get to know her. She is as nice as she is cool. And I’m certain she has the coolest wardrobe of anyone I know. I find myself wondering if because she does so many shows, she dresses for a preformance everyday just to cover all of her bases.

Zen has that something special that gets a crowd going. Her music is a mix of hip hop and house with a little bit of soul mixed in. All I can say is if you’re looking for a hype time with a chance of flying cookout, check her out at one of her up coming shows. She is playing the Cave in Chapel Hill on Wednesday the 25th. If you can track down the deets, word on the street is that shes playing a Halloween house show this Friday. Until then check out her video and or give her a listen on Spotify

The following photos are as follows:

1-8: Behind the scenes of the Getting Started photos shoot with local dancer Asa

9-13 ZenSoFly at Yall at Dix Park

14-17 ZenSoFly at Red Hat Amphitheater at Hopscotch 2017

18 & 19 Practice at the house

Asa and Max
John Bunch


Max Lewis, Zen Stewart, Brett Richardson.


Donovan Moran Jamming out after the shoot.


OY! Is that Bam Bam at a ZenSoFly show!?
Max Lewis
Right to left: Brett Richardson, Zen, Max Lewis


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