Groove in the Garden Recap

Raleigh Little Theatre and The Pour House Music Hall welcomed us back to The Rose Garden to groove for the third year. I went to the event last year and had a good time, but this year’s the line up blew me away. Groove is easily the best bang for your buck when it comes to local music events, $25 for a whole day full of talent.

The line up included American Aquarium, Toubab Krewe, Bomdadil, Lonnie Walker , Rebekah Todd and the Oddesy ( if you keep up you know how much I love them), Dark Water Rising, Kate Rhudy, and several other great acts.

Bombadil, a local group from Durham, has been one of my favorite bands for several years now. Its hard to find yourself in anything but a blissful mood while listening to their soft, light sounds and pure harmonies. Their deftly mingled voices paired perfectly with the cool North Carolina Autum air that the sunset provide that night.

Toubab Krewe stepped up the tempo a bit with their West African, American Jam fusion. Their groove woke the crowd up and drew them in for a dance party at the front of the amphitheater.

The final set of the night was American Aquarium fronted by BJ Barham, a good ol’ boy from Raleigh with a poetic soul. They are an Alternative Country band. The key here being alternative. Don’t look into them expecting to find the radio pop country most of us have learned to hate. Their music has heavy western roots. The steel guitar cuts straight to the soul. BJ kept true to the genre by lamenting over his struggle with alcohol. While later singing us a song about the current struggle with division our country is facing.

If you can scrounge up a few bucks by next year be sure you come groove with us.

Featured image: Daniel Mitchalak of Bombadil

Curtis Eller
Kate Rhudy
Kate Rhudy
Just some guy with a goofy smile.
Rebekah Todd and the Odyssey
Logan Tabor with Rebekah Todd and the Odyssey
Raymond Finn of Lonnie Walker
Brian Corrum of Lonnie Walker
Daniel Mitchalak of Bombadil


BJ Barham of American Aquarium
Shane Boeker of American Aquarium


    1. Thanks for the correction Raleigh Little Theatre. Not sure how we let that slip by. We hope to cover more of your events in the future.


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