Month: December 2017

Live Your Art at the Living Arts Collective. 

One Saturday a month the Living Arts Collective and Aubrey Griffith-Zill put on the Live Your Art event.  Steep In had the pleasure of being invited to the most recent event, on the 9th of December. The Living Arts Collective is essentially an intentional community center in Durham, NC. They provide dance, yoga and other body work classes as well as host events focused on supporting local artists and musicians.  “The Living Arts Collective aims to cultivate community through conscious living and creative movement.” It seems to me that Live Your Art is an event that boils down everything that LAC stands for and it makes for a wonderful time.  It functions as a monthly mini music festival, the only real difference being the event is alcohol free.  This limitation didn’t hinder us from having a good time.  Anyone who didn’t have a smile on their face was probably meditating or focusing on some art form.  There were two live artists painting, Emily Wimbish and Edward Rubio, and many others who were coloring or painting for fun. …

The Cozy Log Cabin

This past weekend a group of my friends got together to celebrate the Christmas season.  I expected the event to be like most other Christmas parties, but you know, with people I love hanging out with.  Apparently the Honey Badgers keep the party going Shakori-style even when the Grassroots festival isn’t in town. I showed up to the address of what had been described to me as a cozy log cabin on the Facebook event page, upon arrival it became clear to me that this cabin was indeed truly named The Cozy Log Cabin.  When we rolled onto the property we saw signs for the cabin.  As we followed a sign directing bands to a certain spot I realized I had heard about this place before.  It had to be the venue I heard about in Pittsboro, where private festivals like Spring Jubilee had taken place. The stories I had heard were not misleading.  I immediately fell in love with the place and can’t wait to go back for future parties and shows.  After I …

Sean Kyd Music Video Release – Coupons

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be on set taking behind the scenes photos for the new music video by local rapper Sean Kyd.  I was working once again with Patrick Lincoln and Holt Babcock of Torch House Media. You may remember him from the ZenSoFly video, Getting Started. Coupons, which was just released on Black Friday, is Sean Kyd’s first Music video and its a banger. It features local dancers Ryan Pham and Kevin Kankman, who brought some serious moves.  It was a whole lot of fun to be on set with all these guys, and the video turned out great.  Give it a look and check out some of my shots below.