The Cozy Log Cabin

This past weekend a group of my friends got together to celebrate the Christmas season. I expected the event to be like most other Christmas parties, but you know, with people I love hanging out with. Apparently the Honey Badgers keep the party going Shakori-style even when the Grassroots festival isn’t in town.

I showed up to the address of what had been described to me as a cozy log cabin on the Facebook event page, upon arrival it became clear to me that this cabin was indeed truly named The Cozy Log Cabin. When we rolled onto the property we saw signs for the cabin. As we followed a sign directing bands to a certain spot I realized I had heard about this place before. It had to be the venue I heard about in Pittsboro, where private festivals like Spring Jubilee had taken place.

The stories I had heard were not misleading. I immediately fell in love with the place and can’t wait to go back for future parties and shows. After I took the Christmas tree off the car, I had time to wander through the little patch work Cabin that Mark, The land owner, built himself. The cabin makes me think of what Hagrid’s cabin would be like if it had been made with the same charm and quirk as Hogwarts Castle, complete with hidden trap doors.

After I had time to explore the little cabin we went outside for a private show put on by our friends in Bearfoot Monty, a band from New Bern, NC, where most of my friends are from. It was a super fun and intimate set that wrapped up to a cover of “The Chain” with everyone dancing and singing on stage.

After personally sleeping through the night in the teepee, we spent the next morning around a bon-fire getting to know Mark. He told us the Rules of the Property, most important of which is to leave your attitude at the road. We even got to help him out a little bit on his next project, the Sweet Sweat Lodge.

Gabrielle Christy Of Bearfoot Monty
Justin Hargett And Gabrielle Christie of Bearfoot Monty


Bearfoot Monty


Mark, owner and builder of The Cozy Log Cabin








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