Live Your Art at the Living Arts Collective. 

One Saturday a month the Living Arts Collective and Aubrey Griffith-Zill put on the Live Your Art event. Steep In had the pleasure of being invited to the most recent event, on the 9th of December.

The Living Arts Collective is essentially an intentional community center in Durham, NC. They provide dance, yoga and other body work classes as well as host events focused on supporting local artists and musicians. “The Living Arts Collective aims to cultivate community through conscious living and creative movement.”

It seems to me that Live Your Art is an event that boils down everything that LAC stands for and it makes for a wonderful time. It functions as a monthly mini music festival, the only real difference being the event is alcohol free. This limitation didn’t hinder us from having a good time. Anyone who didn’t have a smile on their face was probably meditating or focusing on some art form. There were two live artists painting, Emily Wimbish and Edward Rubio, and many others who were coloring or painting for fun.

The night started off at 4 pm with a breathing meditation guided by Theo Feaster, of Conscious Breathing. Theo led us through a style of controlled hyperventilation that is highly conducive to flowing into a meditative state. It also makes you feel all warm and tingly.

After everyone was zenned out the party transitioned into the music and dancing phase. The music got started with Livenigma, Matt Junge, a singer song writer. From there the music bounced all over the place from The Missing Buttons, with some folk/americana to sl0wgl0w, a melodic electronic group. In between those sets we had Diggity Dave Oldham of the Alien radio podcast , Xylem, and Eastsighed. Xylem, better know as Donovan Moran, played us his own unique brand of music, that I have come to classify as psychedelic classical. He also MC’ed and organized the music for the evening. When I talked to him about the event he had this to say, “Apollo is a good ole boy”.

I would be remiss to not mention the dancing that took place throughout the entire night. As the space is regularly used to host dancing classes, there were more than a few great dancers in the crowd. Some of whom were in the mood for contact improvisation, a style of dance taught at LAC, that in my opinion, resembles a marriage between Acroyoga and wrestling set to music. It was a form of dance that I had not seen in person before and I could not help but to give it a try. Fortunately, everyone there was not a trained dancer, so I didn’t feel judged for my failures.

If you’re looking for a relaxed and fun evening you should join us January 7th for the next Live Your Art.

Theo Feaster and Donovan Moran Leading meditation


Edward Rubio


Edward Rubio




Simone Finally of The Missing Buttons
Evan Kelly of The Missing Buttons
Simone Finally of The Missing Buttons
Brett Richardson With Diggity Dave
Diggity Dave
Diggity Dave
Taha Arif with Diggity Dave
Brett Richardson
Xylem-Donovan Moran


Alana Stanley of Eastsighed
Alana Stanley of Eastsighed playing the Melodica


Edward Rubio doing some face painting


Phian Tran of sl0wgl0w
Max Lewis of sl0wgl0w

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