Brothers Egg Album Release with Kate Rhudy Recap

This past Friday Brothers Egg and Kate Rhudy packed out Kings. After the show I over heard someone telling front man, Jamie Eggelston, that capacity had been 3 people away from the Fire Marshal limit. It was a fun and lively night. Brothers Egg did a great job raising the energy level of their music to match the occasion. They stepped up there songs for the live performance to get everyone moving and having a good ol’ time.

The whole reason for the celebration is the release of Brother Egg’s new album “All For You”. If you haven’t gotten a chance to hear them yet, you can listen to their new album on sound cloud ( link below). I can’t help but be reminded of Iron and Wine at the beginning of the track entitled Brother. The title track, All For You, was my favorite song from Friday night. The fiddle riff really stuck with me. It’s both beautiful and soft but still has a bounce you can dance to.

Kate Rhudy



Jamie Eggleston of Brothers Egg
Jamie and Hunter
Suzanna Crist of Brothers Egg
Hunter Eggleston of Brothers Egg
Dave Eggleston of Brothers Egg
Brothers Egg

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