Dr. Bacon and Arson Daily at The Pour House for St. Patrick’s Day

Steep In will be celebrating this Saint Patrick’s Day Downtown with Dr. Bacon and Arson Daily. This Saturday, the 17th, The Pour House will be Groovin’ in Green.

What to say about Dr. Bacon? Well for starter’s my first Shakori memory is walking into the Dance tent to them doing a blue grassy cover of Get Low by Lil Jon. It was a moment of sheer ridiculousness that I couldn’t help but be impressed by. They were Killing it! Everyone was laughing and dancing.

Dr. Bacon is a group of very talented musicians that are just there to party; they will probably go harder than you. As for their genre, it’s a bit hard to pin down. They are obviously a band heavily influenced by the mountains they live in. However, They can’t stay away from a good funky groove. I’m going to go with Funk Grass, I’ll see if I can get that to stick as a genre.

Arson Daily is a blues rock band out of Boone NC. I have A few tracks of each bands on a playlist below, but if you have the time, Arson Daily’s whole album is worth a Listen. It will take you on an emotional journey the way blues is meant to. I’m reminded of the grit and energy the Black Keys had in their early days.

I really hope you decide to come party with us it’s going to be a Saint Patty’s day to remember.

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