Dr. Bacon and Arson Daily

Wow! That was the most fun I’ve had at the Pour House, ever. Both bands brought sooooo much energy. I have heard a lot of hype about Arson Daily after they won the band competition last year at Shakori Hills, but I hadn’t had a chance to see them live yet. They killed it!

Arson Daily is a blues rock trio. As I found out after the show, they actually just moved to Raleigh. So, if you missed the show, don’t worry, you can catch the next one.

I have always wondered about the intimate show of a huge band like Kings of Leon or the White Stripes. The shows they did at smaller venues before they made it. How awesome it would have been to be there. I feel like I may have experienced that. I am expecting these guys to blow up. Before the show, I was really feeling their new album. I just wasn’t sure they were going to bring the same life to the live show. It seems most bands are either good recorded or good live. Arson Daily handily exceeded my expectations with one of the best rock n’ roll performances I have seen.

Let’s not forget about Dr. Bacon, though. I’ve been a fan of them since I first saw them in the Dance Tent at Shakori 4 years ago. They are a Shakori staple because every time they are on stage it is a party, guaranteed. If you haven’t seen them yet, you’re doing it wrong.

I think St. Patrick’s Day may have solidified Dr. Bacon as my favorite NC band. They have a genre-defying sound, and I love that about them. One minute you will be doing a bouncy mountain jig, and the next minute you find yourself deep in a funk groove.

The band consists of 7 guys, and I saw them playing at least 11 instruments throughout the night. On top of everything Bacon has to offer, they even brought their own light show with them. Great things happen when you pack that much sound and soul into the Pour House.

If you’re wishin’ you hadn’t missed out or just want to keep the party going, both bands are going to be playing at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival this spring, as well as Dr. Bacon’s very own Music festival, The Smokedown, taking place for the first time this September.


Zach Dunham of Arson Daily
Quincy Platt of Arson Daily
Adam McLean of Arson Daily
Zach Dunham of Arson Daily
Myles Dunder on stage with Arson Daily


Dr. Bacon
Jesse Talbot of Dr. Bacon
Myles Dunder of Dr. Bacon
John Kirby of Dr. Bacon
Micheal Crawford of Dr. Bacon
Jackson Weldon of Dr. Bacon
Robert Palmer of Dr. Bacon
Ben New of Dr. Bacon
Myles Dunder of Dr. Bacon
Jesse Talbott of Dr. Bacon
Spencer Perry of Lumira Productions.


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