Level Up with Conscious Breathing 3/31

Our friends over at Conscious Breathing are hosting a breath work and yoga event in Greensboro, Level Up NC on March, 31. Conscious Breathing is a local breath work company, out of Raleigh, NC that teaches its students how to, well, breathe. We all do it, we have too, but we don’t tend to do it well.

I personally attend their weekly class for beginners at the Living Arts Collective. This session is the spiritual and social highlight of my week. Since the classes started in January, they have already packed out the downstairs room several times. The class is essentially a guided meditation class, but with a musical flare to help carry you through the class. Theo Feaster, the founder, has partnered up with Xylem, a local musician, to help facilitate this unique breathing meditation.

Theo leads the class through a variation of the breath work made popular by the Wim Hoff Method. This method teaches you how to breath with your diaphragm, to get the most out of your breath. Combining this practice with periods of meditation and the ethereal sounds of Xylem helps connect you more deeply to your breath and body throughout your daily life.

Sessions with Conscious Breathing are uncanny in their success at turning off the constant inner monologue that seems to control our mind and allowing us to connect with our consciousness and bodies. I am excited to have a whole day to set aside for focusing on my breath and my yoga practice. I hope you can make it out this weekend or to one of the Tuesday night classes in Durham, your mind and body will thank you.

Address: 111 W. Lewis St. Greensboro NC 27406

Level Up Facebook Event

Theo Feaster And Xylem


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