Boulevards with ZenSoFly and N’KOGNiiTO

Last Friday night at Motorco was a party with a wide variety of music from three acts that each brought great energy. The night started with N’KOGNiiTO, a 5-piece band with a smooth sound. Their jazzy R&B style lends itself to drink-sipping and two-stepping — a great way to start the weekend. It was really impressive to see and hear how dynamic they were – at some points during the show the guitarist led the band through a straight up rock section that would suddenly suck back into a tight drum-and-bass ballad. These guys are very talented.
After N’KOGNiiTO loosened the crowd up, ZenSoFly took the stage with Maxville, producer of her Sunflowers EP, and Asa, a badass dancer bursting with energy. This was an exciting show for ZenSoFly, as it was her first show back home since her tour that included shows in Austin for SXSW and in Atlanta, among several other cities. She is great at commanding the audience and sharing a fun experience with everyone in the room. Zen’s set really got the crowd moving, and one glance around Motorco would show smiles all around. My favorite part about ZenSofly’s shows, though: she can freaking rap! Whether it’s about a relationship or simply feeling good and looking good, her talent is clear and captivating. Pair that with some bust-your-shit-open beats (shouts to OutKast) and some insanely awesome dancing onstage, by Asa, and there’s no way I could stand still during the set.
Finally, Boulevards took the stage, and he did so with the energy and excitement of a kid off of a couple bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the first day of summer. Accompanied by a full backing band, the sound was full and funky. It’s impossible to go to a Boulevards show and not think “yup, it’s time to get sweaty.” Great things happen when a whole crowd is just down to get down. Boulevards’ dance moves are jittery and contagious, and there was not a single moment where the energy dipped during his set. All of this culminated in a Soul Train style runway amidst the crowd during the last song, with Boulevards giving anyone in the building the chance to strut their shit.
The night was fun because each of the acts were unique in their sound, but similar in that they all brought fun energy that easily spread throughout the audience. I’m glad I wore my dancing shoes!

Nehemiah Miller a.k.a – Nemo of N’KOGNiiTO
Aarik Duncan of N’KOGNiiTO
Joshua Duncan of N’KOGNiiTO
Aarik Duncan of N’KOGNiiTO
Nehemiah Miller a.k.a – Nemo of N’KOGNiiTO
Asa with ZenSoFly
ZenSoFly and Asa
Asa with ZenSoFly
Asa with ZenSoFly
Asa with ZenSoFly
Jamil Rashad aka Boulevards
Jamil Rashad aka Boulevards


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