Toubab Krewe w/ Emma’s Lounge and Africa Unplugged at the Pour House 4/13

This Friday night The Pour House is presenting Toubab Krewe, Emma’s Lounge, and Africa Unplugged. It will be a unique experience with sounds from all over the world.

Africa Unplugged is a band that, as the name may suggest, features traditional African instruments. This local group takes African rhythms and sounds and brings them into the modern age. You are likely to hear some djembe drum beats with a blues riff bringing in the melody.

I am personally very excited to see Emma’s Lounge again. I was surprised by them about a year or so back at the Pour House and haven’t gotten a chance to see them since. They opened up for another band I had planned to see but they totally stole the show, and their band sticker has been on my water bottle ever since. The Emma’s Lounge sound is rather unique. They self proclaim as a “Space Age Folk Wave” band. I’m not sure I can do a better job describing their sound but try to imagine the audio equivalent of a cowboy having a great trip in a disco-tech. They are a breath of fresh air for sure.

Toubab Krewe just released there latest album, Stylo, which you can hear a bit of in the playlist below. Toubab Krewe considers themselves international country. Don’t get turned off by the c-word though. The theme of this show is definitely diversity of influence. Toubab Krewe is a rock band one minute and then a traditional African jam band the next. They are an instrumental band that isn’t afraid to let the groove take them wherever it wants to go.

Hope to see you there.

Link to the Facebook event: Toubab Krewe w/ Emma’s Lounge and Africa Unplugged

Feature Image: Toubab Krewe Stylo album cover art

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