The CosmoBall

The weekend before last, two of my friends, Phian Tran and Anna Torres, threw an intimate day festival called the CosmoBall. What started out as Phian musing over the idea of getting a group of friends together to hang out in the woods quickly turned into an all out mini festival. The idea was to have a gathering at The Cozy Log Cabin and hang out with her fellow Jet Packers.

Camp Jet Pack is one of the biggest, long running camps that pops up twice a year at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival. The camp got its name several years ago on a cold (I’m just going to assume it was also rainy) fall night. The entire camp huddled together in big rows, grabbing on to each others backs like jets packs to stay warm.

Many of the people Phian and Anna wanted to get together love Shakori Hills just as much as we do here at Steep In. With this in mind, they began to model this gathering after it. The Cozy Log Cabin is perfect place for a Shakori Hills love child.

The Cozy Log Cabin is aptly named. It is a unique little cabin built in the woods of Pittsboro by the land owner, Mark. Mark is an exceptionally wonderful man who loves to have people on his property for a good party. Along with the cabin, he has constructed a small stage with its own sound booth, green room, and a recording studio in the back. The site has hosted several other day shows and festivals throughout the years, and it is the perfect place for such events. It feels like the baby brother to its neighbor Shakori Hills.

It is, however, a very intimate location and the cap for events held there is 100 people. It was just enough room for all of Phian and Anna’s friend groups to become friends with each other while dancing our asses off in the woods.

The pair built their lineup mostly through the bands and musicians that they know personally. Thankfully they actually know some really talented musicians. The line up consisted of Psylo Joe, Brothers Egg, Mamis & the Papis, Sunset Palette, Hubbble and
XYLEM. CosmoBall did a great job of spreading out the sound so there was something for everyone. Brothers Egg kicked off the musical portion of the festival with their own brand of folky americana. The night ended with a hot and sweaty DJ set in the basement from Hubbble, with special guest appearance by Hunter Parker, Psylo Joe’s Saxophonist. I have to say though, the musical highlight of the night may have been the surprise collaboration around the camp fire by Hatcher Perry on Kazoo with Taha Arif on Saxophone. All that can be said bout that performance is “Waaaaaauuuuwwww!!!!!!!!!!….”

When the bands weren’t playing there were still plenty of ways to play in the woods. A station was set up for making colorful cardboard helmets and armor. Phian and Anna thought of all of the festival staples; yoga, live painting, bubbles. I was really thankful for the cuddle palace that got set up. Not only was I able to take shelter in it for the brief stint of rain, but it was also a great place to just sit down and meditate late at night. The cuddle palace was a domed structure covered over by one of those big parachutes you play games with as a child. The palace floor was lined with blankets and pillows and colorful light were hanging from the ceiling. Later on in the night, Xylem played some quiet jams as people laid around and stared at the lights.

CosmoBall was a great success from my point of view, and I am very thankful that Phian and Anna put it all together. In the end, neither of them made a dime. They were just happy to bring all of their friends together to celebrate life. CosmoBall was about everything we stand for here at Steep In: community focused music and art, and we were happy to be a part of it.

Thanks Phian and Anna!!!!

Jamie Eggleston of Brother’s Egg
Suzanna Crist of Brothers Egg
Brothers Egg
Mamis and The Papis
Our very own Johhny B.



Zach Sterman and Katheryn Liang Sunset Palette
Phillip Frisella of Sunset Palette





Hunter Parker of Psylo Joe
Hunter Parker of Psylo Joe
Bryan Quintard of Psylo Joe
Bryan Quintard of Psylo Joe
George Thornton of Psylo Joe
Geogre Tbornton of Psylo Joe

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