Steep In means to immerse someone in knowledge or valuable experiences. We are a publication based in Baltimore, MD & Raleigh, NC. Steep In focuses on artistic collaboration with various creators and visionaries. We aren’t a well defined initiative, but that’s exactly what we love about ourselves. You will see us write about our thoughts on festivals, music, and visual art. You will see artists featured ranging from poets, to musicians, to painters, to photographers, to fashionistas. You will also see us document these productions of the human mind via photography and videography. Our main goal is to showcase visions that move and inspire us, in hopes that you too will desire to seek, travel, and create. 

We are working on organizing collaborative events in the area–ie: poetry slams, jam sessions, and art exhibitions (yes, the rhyme was intentional). Additionally, we will be hosting travel retreats soon. Oh! and we give away festival tickets sometimes. 

If you need us and are interested we provide the following services: music videos/live show videography, product photography/lifestyle photography/band photography. Please contact missy@steepin.com. 

Additionally, we would love your thoughts and feedback. If you would like to submit ideas, suggestions, or articles, please email us. 



Meet Missy


California born, raised in 16 different homes across the United States. Missy is the founder of Steep In. She found her passion for media communication by the age of 10, when she decided “when I grow up, I want to be a journalist.” She decided to focus her journalistic endeavors on art. This year she finally realized why she does what she does. And that is because there’s nothing more salient than art. Artists are at the forefront of social movements because they can spread a message, both directly and indirectly, differently and more profoundly than anyone else. And if there’s anything she can do to support these communities, she’ll do it. It’s incredibly pertinent to her. 

Meet Jenkins580378_10205630337173486_8173374164996424536_n

North Carolina born and raised. Jenkins is a photographer on our team at Steep In. His love for photography was initially inspired by the great outdoors. On any given day, you will find this guy rock climbing, slackening, or biking-and KILLING it. Like any good photographer, he enjoys both film and digital shooting. He graduated from NC State University in 2013 with a degree in Religious Studies, which means he has a unique acumen and is always able to provide interesting perspective to any conversation. The best quality about Jenkins? It’s a toss up between his beard and hair.

Meet Evan blackandwhiteevan

Indiana born, North Carolina raised. Evan is a Steep In intern and graduate school dropout. With initial plans to study social psychology and work as a university professor, he learned early on that teaching uninterested teenagers and writing drivel that only 2 scholars would care about wasn’t his forte. He promptly switched gears to writing what he loves most: screenplays, blog posts, poetry and failed love letters reeking of desperation. When he’s not writing, he’s learning the intricacies of a professional camera and talking to strangers about the wonderful world of craft beer. He also enjoys ice hockey, horror films and turning his awkwardness into a successful side hustle. Evan graduated from Appalachian State University in 2014 with a degree in psychology. As her first assignment, he will be assisting Missy at Groove in the Garden in Raleigh, NC!


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Instagram: @Steep.In

Twitter: Steep_In



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