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Dr. Bacon and Arson Daily

Wow! That was the most fun I’ve had at the Pour House, ever. Both bands brought sooooo much energy. I have heard a lot of hype about Arson Daily after they won the band competition last year at Shakori Hills, but I hadn’t had a chance to see them live yet. They killed it!

Arson Daily is a blues rock trio. As I found out after the show, they actually just moved to Raleigh. So, if you missed the show, don’t worry, you can catch the next one.

I have always wondered about the intimate show of a huge band like Kings of Leon or the White Stripes. The shows they did at smaller venues before they made it. How awesome it would have been to be there. I feel like I may have experienced that. I am expecting these guys to blow up. Before the show, I was really feeling their new album. I just wasn’t sure they were going to bring the same life to the live show. It seems most bands are either good recorded or good live. Arson Daily handily exceeded my expectations with one of the best rock n’ roll performances I have seen.

Let’s not forget about Dr. Bacon, though. I’ve been a fan of them since I first saw them in the Dance Tent at Shakori 4 years ago. They are a Shakori staple because every time they are on stage it is a party, guaranteed. If you haven’t seen them yet, you’re doing it wrong.

I think St. Patrick’s Day may have solidified Dr. Bacon as my favorite NC band. They have a genre-defying sound, and I love that about them. One minute you will be doing a bouncy mountain jig, and the next minute you find yourself deep in a funk groove.

The band consists of 7 guys, and I saw them playing at least 11 instruments throughout the night. On top of everything Bacon has to offer, they even brought their own light show with them. Great things happen when you pack that much sound and soul into the Pour House.

If you’re wishin’ you hadn’t missed out or just want to keep the party going, both bands are going to be playing at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival this spring, as well as Dr. Bacon’s very own Music festival, The Smokedown, taking place for the first time this September.



Zach Dunham of Arson Daily


Quincy Platt of Arson Daily


Adam McLean of Arson Daily


Zach Dunham of Arson Daily


Myles Dunder on stage with Arson Daily



Dr. Bacon


Jesse Talbot of Dr. Bacon


Myles Dunder of Dr. Bacon


John Kirby of Dr. Bacon


Micheal Crawford of Dr. Bacon


Jackson Weldon of Dr. Bacon


Robert Palmer of Dr. Bacon


Ben New of Dr. Bacon


Myles Dunder of Dr. Bacon


Jesse Talbott of Dr. Bacon


Spencer Perry of Lumira Productions.


Dr. Bacon and Arson Daily at The Pour House for St. Patrick’s Day

Steep In will be celebrating this Saint Patrick’s Day Downtown with Dr. Bacon and Arson Daily. This Saturday, the 17th, The Pour House will be Groovin’ in Green.

What to say about Dr. Bacon? Well for starter’s my first Shakori memory is walking into the Dance tent to them doing a blue grassy cover of Get Low by Lil Jon. It was a moment of sheer ridiculousness that I couldn’t help but be impressed by. They were Killing it! Everyone was laughing and dancing.

Dr. Bacon is a group of very talented musicians that are just there to party; they will probably go harder than you. As for their genre, it’s a bit hard to pin down. They are obviously a band heavily influenced by the mountains they live in. However, They can’t stay away from a good funky groove. I’m going to go with Funk Grass, I’ll see if I can get that to stick as a genre.

Arson Daily is a blues rock band out of Boone NC. I have A few tracks of each bands on a playlist below, but if you have the time, Arson Daily’s whole album is worth a Listen. It will take you on an emotional journey the way blues is meant to. I’m reminded of the grit and energy the Black Keys had in their early days.

I really hope you decide to come party with us it’s going to be a Saint Patty’s day to remember.

Artist Talk with Dare Coulter at Anchorlight Sat, March 17th 4:30-5:30

My friend Dare Coulter is hosting a talk at Anchorlight, where she has her most recent exhibit up. The exhibit is entitled “Right Before We Fly”, and is a sculptural series.

If you think you like her mural in downtown Raleigh, wait until you see what this woman can do with clay. She does a beautiful job of capturing humanity in all of her art. A huge factor of why I love Dare’s work so much is her ability to maintain her style across mediums.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to shoot any of Dare’s sculptures yet but don’t worry I got a few from her Facebook page, so you can get a taste. Hope we see you there!

Link to the Facebook event:

Dares Site:

Photo 1-2: Dare and er mural downtown Raleigh, by Jenkins Paisley

Photos 3-6: Dare’s Previous sculptures. (images pulled from her page)


Okeechobee Recap W/ Photos by our New Photographer Madelyn Blair

We have two big items to tell you about in our post, today. Steep In is stoked to announce that we have a new photographer on our team, Madelyn Blair. I’d like to take a minute to introduce Madelyn Blair before we give you her take on Okeechobee Festival, which was a blast.

Madelyn and I actually met through our mutual love for concert photography on Instagram. We are both Raleigh based photographers so we happened upon following each others profiles. After admiring her work on my everyday scroll for a while, I noticed we had covered some of the same local events. One of which was, you guessed it Shakori Hills, where we met for the first time in person, taking photos at the main stage. After getting to know her at a few shoots and becoming more familiar with her work,I felt like it was in Steep In’s best interest to try and get her to join the family. I am doubly excited that the beautiful images she captured at Okeechobee, are the vehicle for her introduction to our audience.

Madelyn was born in California but moved to the triangle at an early age. She got her degree at App State all the while developing her taste for the live music scene. While she has been a music lover since high school, shehas gotten more serious about her photography over the past four years. I find that rather impressive for the quality of work she is putting out. Madelyn’s favorite genre is indie rock, so I’m looking forward to the flavor that her work will bring to the Blog. As a publication we aim to connect y’all to as much music and art as we can, so a fresh take on the local scene is rather welcome.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming, We have another wonderful Florida Music festival to fill you in on, Okeechobee. The fest is only in its second year but is already killing it with an attendance of roughly 30,000. Even with all these people the festival the still has a laid back and spacious vibe. There’s plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy yourself, especially at the healing arts center yogachobee. The only places where you could have felt a little crowded was at the Electronic sets. Which those who venture that way usually anticipate.

This Music and Arts festival is truly an arts festival as much as it is a music festival. We were blown away by the amount of art that was on display. You could wander around for hours taking in all the sights.

One of our favorite areas was the Lost in Tea Lounge. An Alice and wonderland themed forest put on by Lost in Time Productions. This is a magical little section of the park where you’re likely to find anything around the next corner: performance art, visual art, drum circles, tea.

Along with the 8 other stages, they have aquachobee the local swimming hole. It comes complete with a beach and plenty of space to bask in the sun while listening to the music coming from yet another stage.

Okeechobee has a water stage so why wouldn’t they also have a fire stage? The Incendia stage is a piece of functional art that looks like it came straight out of Mad Max Fury Road. I was transfixed the first time I saw fire emanating from the center of the ceiling on this structure as well as spreading out across its surface. There is no single image that is more visually complicated and beautiful than flames dancing and pulsating to music, and I’ve heard that this stage was actually designed and built by a local team here in Raleigh.

The music though! I don’t want our enthusiasm for the visual art and the grounds to take away from the value this festival brings solely from a musical stand point. The lineup was incredible and covered so many genres. Indie rock, funky jazz, white boy joke rap, world electronic, Snoop Dogg with The Roots!!! Other artists included Arcade Fire, Bassnectar, STS9, Foster the People, Thievery Corporation, Lettuce, Lil Dicky and the Flaming Lips. The triangle was even well represented too! We thought Sylvan Esso put on one of the best performances, not sure how unbiased we can be when it comes to them though. Okeechobee Fest packed every genre they could into every corner of the park.

Madelyn told me her favorite performance of the weekend was The Districts. They are indeed an indie rock band which was right up her alley. They brought the energy that she loves, and you could tell from their fun display they didn’t take themselves too seriously. They spent their segues joking around and making the crowd feel like they were a part of the performance.

Overall, we loved the festival for the chill vibes, the focus on visual arts and the stellar music. WE hope to see y’all there next year.

Madelyn Matthews_CY0A6405_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0275_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0282_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0337_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0349_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0353_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0380_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0398_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0401_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0471_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0623_Thurs_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0876_Friday_OMF18

Sylvan Esso

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0860_Friday_OMF18

Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C0868_Friday_OMF18

Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1244_Friday_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1383_Friday_OMF18

Erick Coomes of Lettuce

Madelyn Matthews_CY0A6521_Friday_OMF18


Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1429_Friday_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1441_Friday_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1489_Friday_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1517_Friday_OMF18

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1600_Saturday_OMF18

Wild Child

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1603_Saturday_OMF18

Alexander Beggins of Wild Child

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1613_Saturday_OMF18

Wild Child

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1640_Saturday_OMF18

Alexander Beggins of Wild Child

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1858_Saturday_OMF18

Thievery Corporation

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1868_Saturday_OMF18

Thievery Corporation

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1911_Saturday_OMF18

Thievery Corporation

Madelyn Matthews_MK6C1925_Saturday_OMF18

Thievery Corporation

Madelyn Matthews_CY0A6855_Sunday_OMF18

Lil Dicky aka Young Dick

Madelyn Matthews_CY0A6876_Sunday_OMF18

Lil Dicky Aka Firm Handshake

Brothers Egg Album Release with Kate Rhudy Recap

This past Friday Brothers Egg and Kate Rhudy packed out Kings. After the show I over heard someone telling front man, Jamie Eggelston, that capacity had been 3 people away from the Fire Marshal limit. It was a fun and lively night. Brothers Egg did a great job raising the energy level of their music to match the occasion. They stepped up there songs for the live performance to get everyone moving and having a good ol’ time.

The whole reason for the celebration is the release of Brother Egg’s new album “All For You”. If you haven’t gotten a chance to hear them yet, you can listen to their new album on sound cloud ( link below). I can’t help but be reminded of Iron and Wine at the beginning of the track entitled Brother. The title track, All For You, was my favorite song from Friday night. The fiddle riff really stuck with me. It’s both beautiful and soft but still has a bounce you can dance to.


Kate Rhudy




Jamie Eggleston of Brothers Egg


Jamie and Hunter


Suzanna Crist of Brothers Egg


Hunter Eggleston of Brothers Egg


Dave Eggleston of Brothers Egg


Brothers Egg

Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance Recap

As y’all are well aware by now, I’m in love with GrassRoots at Shakori Hills. Well, I finally decided to experience GrassRoots at another location, the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park in Miami. While the Virginia Key festival is still getting off the ground, it’s still every bit as magical as Shakori.

As I have never been to Miami before, I am a little out of my element trying write about the local music scene. There are so many amazing musicians in Miami, Grassroots seems to try and keep it a rather local festival. It seems about 80% of the bands are Miami residents. While the rest are from Ithica, NY (GrassRoots first home) or have preformed at Shakori in the past. For me, this made for a great mix of music. There were bands I knew and could identify with, but I also was able to get a good taste of Miami music.

The festival lineup boasted a wide range of music from Miami. There was a heavy Latin, Cuban, jazz as well an Afro-Cubin and reggae influences. My personal favorite Miami set was Suénalo (featured image). I haven’t looked up what genre they consider themselves to be, but to me they felt like a Latin, jazz, hip-hop, rock band. Their sound, at times, was so full that it was almost overwhelming, in that particularly complex jazz style. But the sounds were just distinct enough and pure enough that the beauty was not lost in the chaos. To me, it represented the joy and order one can find wandering through this seemingly unruly world.

Virginia Key GrassRoots didn’t just highlight the ethnic side of Miami, it also put some of the night life on display. Several DJ’s and electronic performers gave us a break from the salsa grooves and got us moving in a completely different way. Otto Von Schirachand Afrobeta kept the party going late saturday night.

The oddball of the weekend was also one of my favorite acts, Bella’s Bartok. The best way I can describe their style is Pirate Gyspy Punk. It’s a very rare band that can bring more energy than these guys do. Coming in from Massachusetts with no prior connection to the Grassroots family, I very much hope to see them at Shakori in the future.

Even though I always love the music at a GrassRoots Festival, it’s not really the reason I can’t help but keep going back. I only had two loose acquaintances attend the festival at the beginning of the weekend. Even still, I felt at home on that little Island off the cost of Florida. I made a lot of friends in the three days I spent there. And I’m sure I will keep up with them for many years to come. On top of these great friendships, I was able to experience healing both physically and spiritually. It’s nearly impossible for me to leave such an intentional space without learning a thing or two that will help me on my quest to better my life. That’s what makes GrassRoots magical to me.

If you love Shakori Hills, music, tropical beaches, or good people, then you should definitely treat yourself to a Maimi vacation and come chill with us next year.

Dont forget to check out the photographs below the sample playlist I put together.


Juan Turros of Suénalo


Mike Suave of the Blind Spots


The Blind Spots



Sofy Encanto of Elastic Bond





Faun 5000 of Telekinetic Walrus


Telekinetic Walrus


Chantil Dukart


Dan Niederhauser of Bella’s Bartok


Amory Drennan of Bella’s Bartok


Asher Putnam of Bella’s Bartok


School of Rock Miami


Nag Champayons


40 foot sand castle at The Historic Virginia Beach Park

Brothers Egg Album Release with Kate Rhudy Friday 3/2

Steep In is happy to be covering The Brothers Egg album Release at Kings this Friday night. The band consists of Brothers, Jamie and Hunter Eggleston along with Suzanna Crist. Fun fact about Jamie, he has the largest wing span of anyone to hang out at my house.

Their music has heavy influences from the Appalachain mountains, but they bring that modern folksy bluegrass feel to life with African influences from Jamies travels.

Kate Rhudy will be opening up the night. I had the pleasure of hearing her solo at Groove in the Garden this year. Kate is another great local folk singer with a powerful and soulful voice.

Its bound to be a very energetic show for only 5 bucks online and $10 at the door.

Here is a playlist with a taste of what you might hear this friday